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OMG . . . did you know that pretty much EVERYTHING for Pottery Barn Kids is backordered until October and I’m having a kid (hopefully) in September and haven’t bought a single thing for it?!  Well, after figuring that out last night I went into super shopping mode and finished all the purchasing for the nursery.  What do you think?


Of course we had to build the room around the amazing mural that Kitty did a few weeks ago.  It looks just like (actually, even better than) the Beverly Hills Wallpaper that I love.  We were also given the Kendall Crib from Pottery Barn by my great friend Katie who is moving and has hardly ever used it.  I thought I would get the dresser to go along with it but NOOOO, that’s not available until freaking 2026 (jk, but it feels that way) so we went with the Land of Nod Jenny Lind Dresser (I HATE the spindal thingys on the bottom of it, so please ignore those when you see it for the first time.)  I do like that it was built for a kids room.  The drawers will only open one at a time (to make sure it will never fall over on top of a child).

Last night we went to try out gliders at Room and Board and settled (well, not settled because sitting in it is a DREAM) on the Shay Swivel Chair in Doe.  See how comfy Mike (who “worked” on the golf course yesterday!) looks sitting in it?  I like the modern/cleanness (yep, I know, its CLEARLY documented that I’m an anal clean freak about everything!) of it and how we could probably put it in a different room when we’re finished with it in there.

photo (2)

Of course the fabric color is special order so it probably won’t be delivered to our apartment until 9/27 (OMG! the DAY before I’m due, oh well.)

I’m having panic attacks (already, gosh) about something bad happening to the little one while its in its room so got CORDLESS white linen blackout blinds for the window and door and a ceiling fan from Lamps Plus (because did you know that having a fan in a nursery can lower SIDS by 72%?!?!?)  I finished the room off with The Big Sky Rug from West Elm which will hopefully tie in the grey from the rest of our apartment to the brown in this room.

I know it looks like a grown up room . . . sort of . . . but the one wall will be a long bookshelf (built by Dad) which is where we’ll put our millions of books and little stuffed animals . . . so hopefully that will cheer it up a little (well, and the baby will of course!)  Afterall, I kind of feel like the nursery should just be another room in your house . . . not completely different esthetically . . . especially if you have only 800 square feet of indoor space available!!!!

I’ll share a pic when its all put together!

Written by bevanddara

August 7, 2013 at 11:03 am

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  1. Dara Elizabeth, you are just tooooo funny. I have an item or two that will add some color to the room.


    August 7, 2013 at 9:44 pm

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