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Claudia’s Christmas Pickle

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I’m writing this through my tears, I just read your blog entry about becoming a mother.  I am so proud of how you have handled having “an alien” inside, and the thoughts of how your perfect life will change.   My life became perfect the day you were born.   (I’m POSITIVE that you and Mike will feel the same way.)

Now I’ll try to get my thoughts together so I can write about Claudia’s quilt.DSCN2639 DSCN2642

This is the back of the quilt.  The top picture shows fold line “wrinkles.” Thanks to the steamer you gave me, I didn’t have to wrestle a big (huge)piece of fabric to iron to remove the wrinkles!  I loaded the backing on my machine, and the steamer performed the magic you see in the second picture.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  (Claudia’s quilt came to me neatly pressed, but I always press out the fold lines.) DSCN2676

This was a quilt made by several of my Tuesday group and Dear Jane Kathy.   I love the colors and the pattern, but resisted the urge to make one.  The quilting showed up on the beautifully steamed back of the quilt.DSCN2678

And it was sooooo nice to be able to take pictures outside.  (No rain or thunderstorms today.)DSCN2680

I returned the quilt to Claudia’s home.  I was happy to see, and be kissed by Birdie.  She is such a little cutie.DSCN2682I am a longarm quilter and I love texture.

(PS. Soon  I will be able to gush about what a wonderful parent you are- I expect you to be perfect since that’s what I think about everything you do.)

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August 29, 2013 at 10:34 pm

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