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Chet hasn’t gotten much love on lately so I thought I would make this post all about him.  He’s been having a great last summer as an only child.

He has enjoyed the weekly rides up to Jamestown . . . 

photo (20)

And swimming with his Dad . . .

photo (26)

And then taking an outdoor shower . . .

photo (18)

He also loves the new hammock . . .

photo (21)

and the rides back home.

photo (19)

He enjoyed his time at Baby D’s BBQ this past Sat . . . but had a hard time staying up partying with Katya.

photo (22)

Although, he had some time to recuperate while watching the Pats play on Sun.

photo (24)

He got bored watching me set my new home office up on Mon . . .

photo (23)

Extremely bored . . .

photo (25)

Not a bad life this dog has . . . right?

Written by bevanddara

September 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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