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Baby D’s Room

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I just remembered that I never posted pictures of Baby D’s room, finished.  Well here you go (not a ton to see – but I really love how it turned out).

photo (18)

photo (19)

This is now Chet’s favorite room.  He told me that he is willing to share it, though.

photo (20)

Pretty much everything in the room is very special . . . each book, each stuffed animal, each little outfit packed in the drawers . . . but here are some of my favorite things right now.

First off, the PINK sweater mom-mom made Baby D because she KNOWS it’s a girl.  She’s made so many of these adorable little sweaters for pretty much every baby I know.  It’s just nice to now have one of my own . . . even though its PINK and I’m 74% sure we’re having a boy (she may know something we don’t!). 🙂

photo (24)

The elephant on this ring was Mike’s when he was a baby.  Ellen (Mike’s mom, of course) drove a female senator around during the Republican National Convention (which was held in St. Louis in 1976) while she was pregnant with Mike.  After the senator found out Mike was born she sent this as a gift.  And in typical, thoughtful, Ellen fashion . . . it was put in a safe place for 37 years so Baby D could play with it.

photo (19

On to these three . . . the alpaca on the left is from Vicki’s mom, Linda, who has a llama and alpaca farm (I’ve featured them many times on the blog).  She was at our “Baby D BBQ” a few weeks ago and gave us this and an AMAZING blanket made out of alpaca fir.  The smiling pig in the middle is from when you were a little girl, mom.  It’s just so cute and happy . . . I love that Aunt Kitty gave it to me.  The bear on the right was given to us by one of Mike’s co-workers.  It’s a mechanical bear that plays peek-a-boo with that blanket.  It’s seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and no one can watch it do its thing without giggling like a little school girl/boy.

photo (23)

Katya gave me this the other day and it may end up being one of the most well-used items in this room.  It’s a little diaper clutch bag.  If anyone really knows me (like she does – which is so sweet) they know that I HATE purses.  I much prefer little ringlet purses and the fact that I may have to carry around a huge diaper bag, and a kid, and a stroller makes me feel a little stressed out.  This can’t be used for long journeys, of course, but I see myself strapping on the kid . . . throwing a diaper in this little clutch along with my keys and cell phone and just walking out the door.  That’s possible, right?

photo (25)

Now of course to my most favorite item in Baby D’s room . . . a quilt that its grandma made for it.

photo (21)

I know it killed you to make such a calm, quiet, understated baby quilt . . . but you did it.  I told you to make this quilt in greens and creams. (Little did I know that you couldn’t find the pattern of this quilt for the life of you and when you finally did you realized that the grey strips were part of the fabric – not individual strips – so you pretty much had to create the whole thing from square one).


It’s perfect because it’s a little me . . . and a little you . . . and soft and big and just kind of feels like home when you hold it. 

Of course Chet feels the same way . . . 🙂

photo (22)


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