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It’s Tuesday I’m Sewing

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That’s the name of my group that meets at Judy’s on Tuesday, because we sew, and hug, and laugh, and eat, and… We didn’t meet last week, it felt like it has been a year since we met.  There was quite a bit of show and tell.  Judy is on a mission to finish some of her quilt tops.  Somehow between traveling to The Biltmore Estate and  visiting 6 quilt shops last week she quilted and bound this beauty.DSCN2764Such pretty quilting, Judy.
DSCN2765 This is a pattern called Arrowhead.  (You might recognize the pattern, it’s on of Mom mom and Pop pop’s favorites.)DSCN2766 We all loved the way she quilted this.DSCN2767 I think this is the 452 quilt top the group has made trying to use up 30’s style fabric.  Judy completed this one.  DSCN2791 Cindy pieced this, that’s alot of nine patches!DSCN2768

Cindy is a hard-core applique addict.  She is working on the fourth (?)border of a quilt called Twigs and Sprigs .DSCN2782Several of our group participated in a Civil War fabric swap.  Cindy’s is on the bed, Claudia sewed a brown border to her  version.DSCN2775 This is Claudia’s finished Easy Street , a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.
DSCN2778 What a great backing fabric.DSCN2776Afternoon delight is a pattern Cathy is working on.  The pattern is by Sue Garman.
DSCN2786 Judy’s cat Sylvester usually supervises us.  It was such a beautiful day he preferred to enjoy the patio.  He thought he would try his Halloween costume – Cat in Pot with Geraniums.DSCN2788Happy Halloween!!!!

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October 31, 2013 at 11:04 am

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Flowers on Friday is being pre empted by – Practicing Positivity

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When you see tears rolling down the cheeks of a teenager’s cheek, you know you should have tissues handy.  The cliff note version of this story – the members of a middle school football team secretly created  a play that culminated in a learning disabled player making a TOUCHDOWN!!!!

One of the players who told the story said it changed his outlook.  “I kind of went from being somebody who mostly cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day and everyone’s life,” he says.

We are having the most wonderful weather in Florida. Insiders refer to this as chamber of commerce weather.  I call this perfect weather to kill the weeds that are trying to take over. (Do I really need an excuse to sit outside, play with my dogs, and enjoy Friday afternoon?)

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October 25, 2013 at 10:45 pm

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Doggie Pictures

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I’m going to continue your doggie picture theme.  Check out this article and the pictures below.  Carli Davidson just put out a new book called Shake.  Looks adorable.  Just in time for xmas (which is only 2 months away – holy cow!!)


Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography  Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Happy Friday!!!!

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October 25, 2013 at 9:14 am

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My name is Beverly and I am addicted to Pinterest

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Boston Terriers cannot be explained to people who are not owned by one.  Here are some of my favorite recent pins about Bostons.   Barbara loves to decorate pumpkins.  I’m sure Kitty would appreciate one like this.   BT1 What a great Halloween costume.BT3 I can’t imagine putting chuck taylor hightops on Eagle.BT4This HAS to be photoshopped!!!!!
BT5Another photoshopped picture…no one could be sane and have this many BTs.  (Eagle is very upset that Birdie is spending time with other dogs.)BT2I saved the beat for last

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October 22, 2013 at 10:26 pm

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Flowers on Friday

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My longarm mojo is back:DSCN2749I’ve started quilting Cindy’s beautiful Civil War Bride Quilt.  Like the above block, my garden is featuring yellow flowers. One of my favorite plants is this alamanda bush.DSCN2735

DSCN2737 Florida’s version of chrysanthemums-Mexican Sunflower.  (It smells exactly like a chrysanthemum.)DSCN2742 Cosmos.  They usually grow in pink up North.  I don’t know why I can’t grow pink here.DSCN2743 No yellow flower show would be complete without my very favorite…Angel Trumpets.DSCN2745 Tarragon!  My herb earth box has to be replanted, my basil is almost finished.DSCN2746 My companion on this garden tour.

DSCN2747Have a good weekend!

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October 19, 2013 at 9:58 am

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Fall of 2013

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Disappeared. How do I start blogging again after my writing “vacation”?  How about a few “highlights?”

Most amazing event ever…the birth of my Daughter’s (and son-in-law’s) handsome son, Julian. You and Mike are so natural with him.

Worst moment…hearing that Mom mom was in the hospital.  She is making a miraculous recovery.

Best phone call “Mom we had a boy!”

Two next best phone calls started with”I am coming home from the hospital. ”

My welcome home gift from Neil-2 1/2 gallons of concentrated weed killer.  (I’m not sure it will be enough.)

How did I survive one and a half months without using a sewing machine?  I don’t know, but now that I’m home I can’t get started.  However, someone is comfortably back in his favorite spot in my sewing room.

IMG_20131017_102552_428 (1)


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October 17, 2013 at 10:34 am

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41 Weeks, 7 Days And 40 Minutes

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photo (37)

The first 20 hours of labor were very similar to the 41 weeks of pregnancy.  I was scared, excited, nervous, anxious . . . I was in a lot of pain at some points and so calm in others (thank God for the epidural . . . when it worked of course).  At the hospital pretty much everyone we knew . . . everyone that supported us through this journey . . . reached out to send their best wishes.  It meant so much to know that they were cheering us on.

The last 40 minutes of labor were a different story.  It was Mike and I and I didn’t feel scared or excited or nervous or anxious . . . I felt powerful and determined.  I was SO ready to not be pregnant anymore . . . and more importantly . . . ready to meet our little one.  I was dead set on making Mike stay “north of border” but the doctor seemed to have other plans and pretty much encouraged him to take a peek.  I’m so glad he did, as his pure enthusiasm and tears towards the end was all I needed.  At 6:05pm on Monday, Oct 7th . . . at a hospital on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (where Mike and I started our New York adventure exactly 9 years ago) our little boy was born . . . 8 pounds and 4 ounces of pure perfection.

Julian is a name that has been on my list for a while.  Mike immediately crossed it off, thinking it sounded girly, I thought nothing more about it.  Then one day in early September Mike brought it back into contention after realizing that its the person that makes the name . . . not the name that makes the person . . . well, and he’s a huge fan of the pro-surfer Julian Wilson.  Michael is, of course, Mike’s middle name.

I never ever ever imagined that my life could get better.  Well, you were right Mom, the past 7 days have been insanely amazing.  It’s not just his little noises that he makes (or big noises when you change him) or his perfect little button nose and pouty mouth or the fact that he can sit for hours just staring into space while swaddled up like a glow-worm.  He has brought a sense of calmness to my life (but not too calm where I don’t still love working – thank goodness!).  He also brought Mike and I even closer as a couple.  Mike is THE most incredible father and I’m so excited to continue this journey with him (and you, of course mom) by my side.

We had a few pictures taken by the talented Ashley this weekend.  Below are some of my favorites.





photo (38)




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October 14, 2013 at 4:17 pm