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Dara’s Wish List For Christmas

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I really don’t NEED anything this year . . . and feel like I have everything I really WANT . . . so I had to dig deep for this list.

Starting it off with this beanie from Billabong.  I just got a new cashmere hat from J Crew but I love the combo of colors and you can never have too many hats.


 I love this sweater from Swell.


I usually just wear fake diamond studs every day, all day . . . one day I would love a real pair.


This sounds like such a mom/wife thing to ask for but I would just DIE for new pots and pans!  Some of ours have definitely seen better days.  I don’t need every size . . . but maybe some frying pans . . . a nice new grill pan and a new 3 Qt sauce pan.


A gift certificate to my favorite nail place in the burg, Primp and Polish, is always welcome!  I really want to get this manicure with a heart.


I know it’s not beach towel weather but I love this beachtowel.


Speaking of beach towels . . . I would totally be cool with a trip to Le Sereno in St. Barth.


Whats on your list, Mom?

Written by bevanddara

December 10, 2013 at 11:09 am

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