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Guess Who is 3 Months Old Today?

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Little Julian Michael.

photo (44)

This month has been really fun.  He’s really into giggling . . . and smiling . . . and holding onto my finger for dear life.  He has incredible tracking with his eyes and still loves the little lambs that are hanging over his vibrating chair.  He talks A LOT.  It KILLS me how cute that is.  He has graduated from the bassinet stroller attachment to the car seat stroller attachment . . . from stage 1 diapers to stage 2 . . . from sleeping in his Rock n Play to his big boy crib . . . from newborn clothes to 6 month (pretty much just skipped over 3 month clothes, sadly).  He got his first cold (which broke my heart!), he started sleeping through the night (thank you sleep training!!!), he loves tummy time and we started him on a little bit of formula (which also breaks my heart but is necessary for many reasons . . . one of which is that he’s an eating machine and I cannot keep up).  He had his first Christmas, first night without either of his parents and first bloody finger (courtesy of yours truly who thought that she could cut his nails).  He continues to change right before our eyes . . . every single day.  He’s such an amazing little dude and I’m so proud that he’s mine.

Here are a few other milestones that we’ve passed so you can see how much he’s changed!

photo (45)

photo (43)

photo (42)


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January 7, 2014 at 12:55 pm

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