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Flowers on Friday and Vacation Recap

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Vacation is over.  Neil and I were able to spend the last few weeks of 2013 with family.  Neil endured the rigors of a “Bev visits the North” tour with grace.  He was motivated by this:
IMG_20131230_153405_430 (1)
We flew into Philly, spent a few nights at The Eden Resort.  Christmas dinner at Mom and Dad’s included Cathy and your cousins Andrew, Joel, and Josh.  It was Julian’s first Christmas, Santa left so many presents that everyone helped him open them.  Bentley was his Mennonite self, so he and Chester actually got along well.  “Lil Bro looked content in GMM’s arms.DSCN2938We woke up the day after Christmas  to several inches of snow!  Neil and I spent the next few nights sleeping in twin beds at the “Big House.”  ( A guest room at M & D’s retirement community.) Mom, Dad, Neil and I ventured to Millers for a great lunch and Burkholders for some great fabric shopping.  Cathy picked us up and chauffeured us to Barb’s.  We spent a lovely evening with Barb, George, assorted dogs and kids.  The Lyngarkos house was still beautifully decorated for Christmas. ( If you are counting, this was bed number 3.) We took a train to NYC, another chauffeur, Mike, picked us up at Grand Central Station.  It was wonderful to spend time with Dara, Mike, Julian and Chetty. Thanks to Katya allowing us to enjoy a few nights in her very, very comfortable bed.  As you know we spent a night babysitting Julian while you and Mike celebrated your 4th wedding anniversary.  (Since we stayed at your house, we slept in very comfortable bed number five!)DSCN2945

We said goodbye to the Williamsburg Bridge, the snow, and cold.  I enjoyed every minute of this special vacation.  I was happy to return in time to see my orchid tree bloom, before the polar vortex descended.DSCN2947

Written by bevanddara

January 10, 2014 at 9:58 pm

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