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Anita Grossman Solomon – class and workshop

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This week, you were flying home to NYC, my Brandon Quilt Guild was doing the reverse, flying a New Yorker to Florida. Anita presented a lecture Monday night and a workshop on Tuesday to the Piecemaker’s Guild of Brandon.  She was brilliant!  It is unusual that a speaker benefits both beginner and experienced quilters. Anita, did just that.  DSCN2951Anita has a great smile!  She was wonderfully personable, and was willing to share every single technique and every bit of knowledge she had. Judy and Anita are standing behind a sample of the block we were learning to make.DSCN2949The finished quilt looks like this, if you use red and white solid fabric.

two color pinepapple

These are my completed blocks. I have very little solid fabric, but these pieces snuck into my stash. I am surprised that actually really like these blocks.DSCN2954Anita is very enthusiastic.  She wanted to demonstrate how to make corner blocks.  She looked around the classroom but didn’t spot a way to hold several loose blocks up for people to see.  So…she grabbed Claudia,spun her around and used her back as a design wall.DSCN2952 (2)
I loved this teaching tool.  She had each step of the block sewn, cut size noted, and attached to a strip of fabric that she laid on a table. DSCN2953 Anita is well-known for a block called Anita’s Arrowhead.The pattern is one of Mom mom and Pop Pop’s favorite patterns.  These are several of the quilts top they have made from her pattern:DSCN2264My favorite tip: After cutting the fabric for a quilt block, iron each piece onto freezer paper.  This serves two purposes; one can audition the block to see if you like the fabric selection AND it keeps the little pieces from becoming lost.   (I doubt that means anything to non-quilters, but I thought this was BRILLIANT!!! )DSCN2950Thank you Anita for two inspirational days.  If you are a quilter, and Anita is presenting a lecture or workshop in your area, I highly recommend both! (Anita’s website )

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January 16, 2014 at 11:51 am

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