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“New” Flowers on Friday

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After writing the blog for several years(?) and over 700 posts I thought I had shared pictures of all the flowers in my yard.  Last week I shared a close up of the orchid tree flower. I had a request for a picture of the plant.   It is actually a bush in my yard. Although it looks a little worse for wear,  it survived the freeze.DSCN2970 The leaves on this plant open in the morning and close in the evening.  The brown leaves all over the ground are from the bamboo, which HATES the cold, especially when it is windy.  2-Putt enjoyed our Garden Tour today.DSCN2971I don’t think I ever posted a picture of these flowers.  Below is a plant I know as a Florida Live Forever.   I have no idea what its correct name is.  We had some of them growing up in Pennsylvania. A huge clump of them planted themselves and bloomed.  I don’t like the way when one of them blooms, so I usually cut them when the flower stalk springs up.  I’m so glad these escaped my pruning, because they look so pretty.DSCN2962 A close up of the flowers…DSCN2963 and the reason they are called live forevers.  Tiny plants grow along the edge of the leaves, eventually drop off, and grow into a new plant.DSCN2969 I couldn’t resist this picture…roses blooming in January!DSCN2957I love the pictures of the dogs and babies.  (Cats are cute, too.  Have you seen the viral video of the cat licking the baby’s hair?) I also wish I could take better pictures, instead I usually take lots and lots and hope that a few turn out. Hope you feel better, have a fun weekend with Ellen and Lauren!

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January 17, 2014 at 9:43 pm

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