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You might think I am the only quilter who has more than one project going at one time, you would be wrong.  We have so many quilts in various stages that we might be the queens of acronyms. How many ways can you say UFO (Unfinished object)

PHD – Project Half Done
PIGS – Projects In Grocery Sacks
PIM – Project In Mind
PIP – Project In Progress
PIT – Project In Tote
PIW – Project In Waiting
QFH – Quilt From Hell
QUIMM – Quilt In My Mind

When not quilting other people’s finished quilt tops, I’m working on a few of my own creative expressions of fabric beauty.  This is a pattern that several of us are working on at Judy’s.DSCN3046 This is my first block- untrimmed and without the applique.  I am in LOVE with this! Isn’t it surprising that I like this quiet, soft color combination?DSCN3036 (2) Don’t think I’ve gone to the dark side, here is progress on My Dear Jane. One of the quilting acronyms is P(roject) H(alf) D(one.)  I prefer to say that this quilt is actually the real Ph.D. of quilting. DSCN3038There are a few quilts that most hard-core quilters have on their bucket list.  Welcome to the North Pole is one of those quilts.  Cindy made this absolutely adorable version. She is going to take on the challenge of making another one, coaching the rest of the Tuesday group to complete our own.  The details don’t show…there are buttons, sequins, beads, trim, etc. COVERING this quilt.DSCN3035

Dara,the pictures of your family enjoying a weekend in NYC just made me grin.  You, your husband and son looked so happy spending time together. I believe my grandson is part fish.




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February 18, 2014 at 10:15 pm

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