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All You Need Is Love . . . And a Flight Home

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My Valentines Day didn’t start out that great.  I landed at Newark (from San Francisco) around 12:30 this morning.  Getting on that flight was pretty much a miracle.  There was a small window where flights were allowed to come into New York and after running all around SFO going from one gate to another just to get disappointed when I was greeted with the huge words CANCELLED on every departure gate I finally found one that said ON TIME . . . and by some miracle they had an open seat for me.  The flight was FULL of turbulence and the landing (in the middle of a blizzard) was sketchy to say the least.  The scariest part was the cab ride home.  Because of the blizzard, only a few cars were allowed on the road so each cab had multiple people/stops.  Mine (after sliding ALL OVER the NJ turnpike) made two stops in the city before making the trek over the bridge to my stop.  I finally got out of the cab (AT 3 AM!), grabbed my bags and ran inside.  The second I shut the door to our apartment my heartbeat slowed, my shoulders lowered.  I was home . . . with my sleeping boys . . . the loves of my life.

That journey home is a lot like falling in love.  You are sometimes desperate to find it . . . running all over the place . . . just trying to be at the right place at the right time.  After you find it, the journey is hard and scary at times . . . really pushes you to your limits and then . . . you’re home.  You feel comforted and settled and content and healthy and complete.

Over the past 10.5 years I have gone through that journey three times.  The most recent were with these two.  It’s hard for me to put into words what they mean to me.  They are both my little boys and they make me smile and laugh and be grateful for my life everyday.

photo (42)

. . . and then of course is my forever Valentine . . . my incredible husband (that got me a million cards, flowers and chocolate).  He opened my heart in a way I never knew was possible 10.5 years ago.  Together we’ve built a life that has certainly had “turbulence” and “slippery roads “. . . but also one full of love, gratitude and adventure.

photo (43)

So while today is Valentines Day . . . everyday for me is about those journeys and the love that I have for my friends and family.  Happy Valentine’s Day mom (and anyone else that happens to read this :))!  xoxo

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February 14, 2014 at 1:46 pm

This blog (entry) goes to the dogs

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No, not the dog that won the Westminster Dog Show.  How does someone pick the best in show for that competition? Debbie, from my Tuesday sewing group made this adorable baby quilt for a co-worker. This is a “before quilting” picture.DSCN3003

Here it is after Debbie did some fun quilting, including dog bones in the borders.DSCN3023As you know, I love hearts, so I think the faces are too, too cute.
DSCN3024I have resumed working on my Dear Jane quilt.  I was sewing the rows together one evening, I went past Eagle’s bedtime.IMG_20140204_202258_943 He can be very persistent.  IMG_20140204_202110_483Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


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February 13, 2014 at 9:32 pm

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Trying to get back into blogging

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I’m a little behind in quilting updates..the last few quilts I worked on couldn’t be shared because they are going to be entered into the quilt competition at the Strawberry Festival. (I doubt the judges look at our blog, but I’m honoring my customer requests.)

Here are a few pictures from my PROLIFIC Tuesday group. This very colorful quilt made by Judy features Amy Butler fabric.  DSCN3002 Cindy made this scrappy version of a pineapple quilt. Kitty would LOVE this one.DSCN3000 A cute Christmas wall hanging, also by Cindy.DSCN2998Cathy made this adorable table runner. DSCN2997 I visited Dear Jane Kathy at her new “homestead”.  Her Dear Jane quilt is completely finished. DSCN2996 She finished the edge of the quilt with the traditional scallop, and a red striped border.  Congratulations again, Kathy!DSCN2991Uncle Bobby, in Raleigh is already snowed in, hope the storm misses you!

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February 12, 2014 at 10:08 pm

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NYFW Fall 2014

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You have to follow Jamie’s pictures on  They’re aaaaamazing as usual.  Look at these dresses from Carolina Herrera’s show.  Genius.

Carolina_Herrera_08 Carolina_Herrera_20 Carolina_Herrera_06 Carolina_Herrera_10 Carolina_Herrera_13

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February 11, 2014 at 9:13 am

A Dose of Sun

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I’m OVER THE SNOW AND WINTER!  Ugh!  Why do I live in the Northeast?!?! WHY!?  For years I’ve wanted to move to sunny California . . . especially because of days like these.  Maybe some day we will but until then I’ll just live vicariously through Patrick Dempsey.  He has the most amazing Malibu house that was featured in Architectural Digest.

item1_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-01-entrance-hall item2_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-04-living-room item3_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-06-kitchen item4_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-13-sculpture-studio item5_rendition_slideshowWideHorizontal_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-09-pool-area item6_rendition_slideshowWideVertical_patrick-dempsey-malibu-home-11-gardens-airstream-trailer

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February 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I’m Alive!

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Gosh . . . between traveling (California) . . .

photo (42)

And earnings (started last Thursday) and taking care of this stud muffin . . .

photo (46)

And making sure my first-born is recovering from his surgery . . .

photo (44)

And training for the upcoming Brooklyn Half . . .

photo (45)

I have had hardly any time to write.  But I’m back now!

Here is a funny video for the day.


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February 4, 2014 at 11:20 am

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