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Dora’s Blue Ribbon

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Dora won a blue ribbon for this spectacular quilt at the Strawberry Festival. I’m at the Lancaster Show, I think Dora’s quilt would also be a prize winner here.  (By the way, it is freezing and windy here.  Judy can be re-assured that I am NOT moving back north, even though I really miss you, Julian and Mike already.)

This is a black wool quilt.  Pictures don’t do it justice, especially these.  I tried every option on my camera,couldn’t find one that showcased this beauty. DSCN3005 (2)Some of my favorite quilting designs: curved crosshatching…
DSCN3011 Feathers (the tear drop shapes between the blocks.)DSCN3010 This picture shows the quilting, but not the correct color-BLACK!DSCN3006The flower urn is my favorite block.

Congratulations on your win Dora.  I loved quilting this beauty!
DSCN3005 On another subject, you are raising the bar on parenting very high if you are going to arrange Julian’s food so artistically.  As his grandmother, I feel he is worth the effort, however as a potential babysitter…..

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March 13, 2014 at 8:34 pm

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