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With Sorrow Comes Joy

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Mike is on his way up to Jamestown right now.  A friend of ours from there lost her battle with cancer earlier this week and the service is today.  A friend that lived her forty three years on this earth to the fullest . . . one that I can’t recall ever having anything but a smile on her face . . . one that was an incredible mother to four beautiful children and loving wife, sister and daughter.  My heart just aches for her family to have to say goodbye.

As he was driving up he found out that another great friend of ours, from Jamestown, is in the hospital having their second baby . . . five weeks early.

Our little Jamestown crew is going to have such a mix of emotions today.

I feel helpless sitting at my desk instead of holding by sweet husband’s hand while he says goodbye to a friend . . . instead of hugging Julie’s family members while I tell them that I’m so sorry for their loss . . . instead of being there to get an early glimpse of the newest member of our Jamestown posse.

I feel helpless but grateful. Grateful to have known Julie, grateful to have a husband that will get up at five in the morning (after a full day of throwing up) to drive four hours to show his respect and support, grateful that I  will get to see my son experience the wonder of Jamestown and the love from our special group of friends there, grateful that every day I am given the gift of 84,600 seconds to live my beautiful life.

When life brings you unbearable sorrow . . . joy usually follows in one form or another.

Written by bevanddara

March 21, 2014 at 10:22 am

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