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Our Weekend . . . According to Julian

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I had a great weekend . . . it’s so fun making my parents exhausted!

On Saturday morning they took me to swim class where I kicked and splashed for an hour straight . . . and even went under water again!

After that I decided that it was a bad idea to nap so I just stayed up and told my mom that everything she was trying to do to keep me occupied was BORING.  She tried to give me sweet potatoes for the first time and I thought that was fun for a little.  They were tasty but I much prefered wearing them to eating them . . .

photo (42)

While I was on the counter eating my sweet potatoes I decided to do some flower arranging . . .

After that mom got me all cleaned up and we took a car ride out to Long Island to visit one of my girlfriends . . . Lilia (and her parents, Hutch and Stacey).  Lilia looked pretty cute in her white jacket and bear hat while we were at the wine bar.

photo (44)

Back at her house I was trying to get her to like me . . . but she was being a typical girl playing hard to get.

photo (45)

Finally I won her over (after showing a little leg).

photo (46)

Sunday morning I got to have brunch with two of my favorite friends, Katya and Unity!

photo (50)

After brunch we went upstairs so I could hang out with my friend Noah!  I love picking his nose . . .

photo (47)

And stealing his toys!

photo (48)

After that I had some more sweet potatoes . . . and a bath . . . and PASSED OUT at 7pm.  Gosh, I’m so glad my parents are back to work today . . . its exhausting making them exhausted!  Oh, and . . . Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

photo (49)

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March 17, 2014 at 3:36 pm

Dora’s Blue Ribbon

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Dora won a blue ribbon for this spectacular quilt at the Strawberry Festival. I’m at the Lancaster Show, I think Dora’s quilt would also be a prize winner here.  (By the way, it is freezing and windy here.  Judy can be re-assured that I am NOT moving back north, even though I really miss you, Julian and Mike already.)

This is a black wool quilt.  Pictures don’t do it justice, especially these.  I tried every option on my camera,couldn’t find one that showcased this beauty. DSCN3005 (2)Some of my favorite quilting designs: curved crosshatching…
DSCN3011 Feathers (the tear drop shapes between the blocks.)DSCN3010 This picture shows the quilting, but not the correct color-BLACK!DSCN3006The flower urn is my favorite block.

Congratulations on your win Dora.  I loved quilting this beauty!
DSCN3005 On another subject, you are raising the bar on parenting very high if you are going to arrange Julian’s food so artistically.  As his grandmother, I feel he is worth the effort, however as a potential babysitter…..

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March 13, 2014 at 8:34 pm

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73 Questions & SJP

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March 13, 2014 at 4:43 pm

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I Mean . . . Seriously

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Is there a better sound than this?


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March 13, 2014 at 11:54 am

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Playing With Food

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I’m going to totally do this when Julian is old enough to eat real food.  (found it on the 100 Layer Cakelet Blog)

samantha-lee-kids-food-stylist-10 samantha-lee-kids-food-stylist-2 samantha-lee-kids-food-stylist-7 samantha-lee-kids-food-stylist-9 samantha-lee-kids-food-stylist-8

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March 12, 2014 at 12:59 pm

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Thank You, Mom

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Mom, I honestly can’t thank you enough . . .

I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing mom . . .

I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing mom-mom . . .

I can’t thank you enough for watching Julian while Mike and I took a much-needed break.

photo (42)

Two of my most favorite people in the world are in the picture above.  Having both of you in my life brings me so much joy . . . such a feeling of completeness.  Seeing you together . . . laughing at each other . . . and giving each other little hugs.  It melts my heart.  Love you.  Thank you.

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March 10, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Baby Workout

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Its so hard to get to the gym sometimes . . . maybe I should try this!

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March 5, 2014 at 4:57 pm

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