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Chester Junior

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My friend who wants to remain anonymous (Janice)  had the sweetest Maltese, Cody. Janice My friend had the pleasure of spoiling Cody for many years.  Cody is now in doggy heaven.cody She adopted a beautiful  Havanese named Buster.  Then decided Buster should have a companion.  She missed Cody’s cute little black button nose surrounded by shiny white fur, so she adopted Harley, a shitzu. (Both dogs were adopted though rescue organizations.)

harley and busterAren’t they adorable???? I admire her for adopting not one, but two dogs.  Buster,the Havanese,  is three.  He adjusted well, then helped Janice pick Harley. Harley is about five years old.  She says both are such sweet, cuddly dogs.  Her family has already fallen in love with both.

By now you are probably asking why she wants to remain anonymous, and why the title of this entry is Chester Junior.  B and H leashOne day Janice and her pack set off to join a friend and her dog for a walk.   The friend has a Rhodesian Ridgeback,  A very large dog.  Do you want to guess where this story is going?  Yep, sweet, adorable 10 pound Harley turned into Cujo and tried to eat the big dog. It seems that, like Chester, Harley has leash aggression. He also has recovered from having his jaw broken by a large dog he tried to attack. Remember how surprised we were when we discovered that our beloved Chester, the perfect dog inside, became a raging lunatic outside around dogs.

Occasionally this bad behavior does result in some humor.  I still chuckle every time I think about talking to you on the phone while you were walking Chet when he launched himself at a PLASTIC golden Golden retriever.  I treasure the memory of the look on 2-Putts face when Chester attacked the fur ball that is 2-Putts tail and took it for a ride around the backyard. While I’m telling Chet stories, he continued his golden retriever aggression by attacking sweet, loveable Chip when he visited for Christmas. Chip grabbed his mouth, Chester lost a tooth.  Blood everywhere.  I felt so awful, but that was when I knew that Mike would make a great father.  He separated the dogs, picked up Chester, cleaned him up without any hesitation.  After joking about it happening again the following Christmas we were all much more relaxed when Chester lost another tooth to Chip.

Well my Anonymous Friend, I admire you for giving these precious dogs a home.

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April 24, 2014 at 10:30 pm

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