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Is it normal . . . that Julian automatically waves when I put my phone up to my eye to take his picture?  What’s that all about!?  He’s not a New Yorker (just like his Dad).  He’s WAY too nice.  Diana said that its like he’s in a parade every day when she strolls him down the street (we just changed his stroller to be front facing).  He waves and smiles at everyone . . . like they are all his friends.  He does it when he’s with us too.  Its amazing to see all of the miserable people’s faces we pass turn into happy smiling ones when they see his little toothy smile and chubby hand wave.  My son, already making this world a better place.

photo (43)

P.S.  He’s pretty darn cute, right?

Happy Friday!  I will write more when I get out of this dreaded earnings season!  Mom, you better have a recap of the new Project Runway this weekend!  I actually watched it last night and realized how much I’ve missed it. Some wackos and some geniuses (and some genius wackos) . . . as usual. 🙂

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July 25, 2014 at 12:35 pm

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