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I follow FEED on Instagram (I follow a lot of non-profit organizations on Instagram that are doing things to make this World a better place . . . well, and then I also follow Kim Kardashian . . . I mean, I need to be up to date on her life of course!  It makes me feel better for some reason. Hopefully one day I’ll win the lottery and can devote my life to helping others . . .).  ANYWAY, back to FEED, They had this post today and its a post that I really needed . . . today . . . so I thought I would share (that’s the beautiful Lauren Lauren – the co-founder of FEED, granddaughter of George Bush, Sr and wife of David Lauren, the son of Raph Lauren . . . did you get all that?!?).


FEED’s mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. They have pretty cute stuff.   Love this little beach bag to put your phone, money, etc in while you’re in the sand (which will provide 25 school meals).

And this beach blanket (which provides 50 school meals).

And this reusable shopping back (which will feed 1 child’s school meals for 1 year)

Love this tee-shirt too (which provides 10 school meals)

Written by bevanddara

August 7, 2014 at 2:30 pm

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