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Back to School

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My Facebook is flooded with pictures of the kiddos going back to school.  I have no clue how I’ll feel when Julian starts his first day . . . I guess I’ll be sad because he’s growing up but so excited for his new adventure (ask me in another 4 years and I’m sure my tune will change!!!).  I was watching the Today show one day and saw Maria Shriver interview this woman named Elle who has a YouTube channel called Whats Up MOMS.  I’ve watched a few of their little videos and have fallen in love with them.  They’re so funny and easy-going about being a Mom . . . they kind of say what you’re thinking.

Anyway, they did a Back to School video and its hilarious.

Whats even more hilarious is the behind the scenes video.  You have to go to the YouTube channel to view that  . . . I can’t figure out how to paste it for some reason.

You can see Maria’s interview with Elle here.

Happy Friday!

(P.S. Is Bev alive?!  What has happened to her!?!?)

Written by bevanddara

September 5, 2014 at 9:50 am

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