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i picked the wrong tomato

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It is very,very hard to deny one’s green thumb. I am trying to ignore my longings to add some color to the beautiful green grass and trees that I  look at in our yard. Look Dara-No COWS!0915140854

However, when my earthboxes came to Riverview, I HAD to plant some fresh basil.  While at the store selecting herbs, a tomato plant jumped in my cart. 0915140855

I have not had good experiences growing tomatoes in Florida. It seems that when you move a few hundred miles south from Philadelphia to Tampa, you must adjust growing times and conditions.  Jason,my lawn maintenance engineer (what else would you call someone who mows the lawn,trims palm trees and mulches one’s yard with a backhoe?) had a good laugh at my expense when i planted tomatoes in May in the sunniest part of the yard.  In Florida one plants tomatoes in the fall in partial shade. After several more failed attempts, I learned to buy tomatoes.

So…I’m giving tomatoes another chance.  I think Dad will enjoy watching them grow. My mistake this time? I thought I bought a bush tomato,but this variety grows 7 to 15 feet tall!!!!!!They also produce 1000 tomatoes!!!! Did you notice that the pot that jumped in my cart had TWO plants!!!Perhaps I should go buy some more herbs and research tomato plants before I let a more appropriate tomato jump in my cart.

Written by bevanddara

September 15, 2014 at 10:02 pm

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