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Trip to London for Bev’s 60th!!!

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A few weeks ago we went on a girls trip to London for my Mom’s birthday.  We managed to fit in A LOT over a two and a half day period.  We took a tour bus all over the city, went to the Tower of London (and saw the Crown Jewels), went on a boat cruise, got caught up in the middle of a protest, had a special Indian dinner in Chelsea, had a proper tea at Harrods, went on a paddle boat tour in Hyde Park, had dinner at a pub, bought my (and now my mom’s) favorite chocolates on Bond Street, walked through Buckingham Palace (which you’re only allowed to do in September when the Queen is out-of-town) and a took a tour of Westminster Abbey (where Mom sang once as a little girl).  I had two work two days while Mom did her fabric tour of London which I hope she shares with you soon.

Here are a few pictures of our time together!



IMG_1988 IMG_2162  IMG_2164



IMG_2159 IMG_2160







When I travel I get a little too obsessed with seeing everything I can possibly see.  I forget that I’m actually living life instead of walking through a travel book.  And when you have to mix in working on top of that it’s a disaster waiting to happen . . . because not only am I trying to exercise every day, see every single thing to see wherever I am and trying to not think about home too much . . . I’m also checking my work phone every two seconds and responding to phone calls and emails.  So the bottom line is that I’m the WORST travel buddy that you could possibly find (or actually the best when you’re married to a person that is the exactly like you so you can both be crazed nutsos together).  My mother . . . who beats to her own drum, has legs that are half the length of mine, actually takes the time to take everything in . . . instead of taking in a little and then rushing to the next task . . . was amazing on this trip.  She kept up with me every second of every day.  Even walked barefoot because her blisters had blisters . . . just to keep up with me.  I feel guilty putting you through a “tornado trip to London” but I hope you enjoyed it, Mom.

Mom, what a life you’ve lived these past 60 years.  Growing up in Philadelphia with a bunch of characters (and ONE BATHROOM), to going to college in Delaware, to moving back to Pennsylvania and eventually to Florida.  To go from advising people what to eat . . . to running an assisted living facility . . . to working at a college . . . to now be making a career out of quilting (while also running the Sale Household).  There have been ups and downs and tons of challenges and tons of rewards.  You’ve lived your life with grace and a smile.  You’ve taught me, throughout my entire life, that being kind and positive is the only way to live.  And in turn, I’ve taught my son that.  I can see glimpses of you in him every day, for which I’m so grateful.

I really wanted to do something special for your 60th birthday.  You are a special person.  I hope you had a nice time and that you will cherish the memories, and these photos, for the rest of your life.  And when you’re blisters heal, maybe we can do it again.  Love you and happy birthday!


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October 9, 2015 at 8:16 pm

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