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Guess Who is 3 Months Old Today?

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Little Julian Michael.

photo (44)

This month has been really fun.  He’s really into giggling . . . and smiling . . . and holding onto my finger for dear life.  He has incredible tracking with his eyes and still loves the little lambs that are hanging over his vibrating chair.  He talks A LOT.  It KILLS me how cute that is.  He has graduated from the bassinet stroller attachment to the car seat stroller attachment . . . from stage 1 diapers to stage 2 . . . from sleeping in his Rock n Play to his big boy crib . . . from newborn clothes to 6 month (pretty much just skipped over 3 month clothes, sadly).  He got his first cold (which broke my heart!), he started sleeping through the night (thank you sleep training!!!), he loves tummy time and we started him on a little bit of formula (which also breaks my heart but is necessary for many reasons . . . one of which is that he’s an eating machine and I cannot keep up).  He had his first Christmas, first night without either of his parents and first bloody finger (courtesy of yours truly who thought that she could cut his nails).  He continues to change right before our eyes . . . every single day.  He’s such an amazing little dude and I’m so proud that he’s mine.

Here are a few other milestones that we’ve passed so you can see how much he’s changed!

photo (45)

photo (43)

photo (42)


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January 7, 2014 at 12:55 pm

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41 Weeks, 7 Days And 40 Minutes

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photo (37)

The first 20 hours of labor were very similar to the 41 weeks of pregnancy.  I was scared, excited, nervous, anxious . . . I was in a lot of pain at some points and so calm in others (thank God for the epidural . . . when it worked of course).  At the hospital pretty much everyone we knew . . . everyone that supported us through this journey . . . reached out to send their best wishes.  It meant so much to know that they were cheering us on.

The last 40 minutes of labor were a different story.  It was Mike and I and I didn’t feel scared or excited or nervous or anxious . . . I felt powerful and determined.  I was SO ready to not be pregnant anymore . . . and more importantly . . . ready to meet our little one.  I was dead set on making Mike stay “north of border” but the doctor seemed to have other plans and pretty much encouraged him to take a peek.  I’m so glad he did, as his pure enthusiasm and tears towards the end was all I needed.  At 6:05pm on Monday, Oct 7th . . . at a hospital on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (where Mike and I started our New York adventure exactly 9 years ago) our little boy was born . . . 8 pounds and 4 ounces of pure perfection.

Julian is a name that has been on my list for a while.  Mike immediately crossed it off, thinking it sounded girly, I thought nothing more about it.  Then one day in early September Mike brought it back into contention after realizing that its the person that makes the name . . . not the name that makes the person . . . well, and he’s a huge fan of the pro-surfer Julian Wilson.  Michael is, of course, Mike’s middle name.

I never ever ever imagined that my life could get better.  Well, you were right Mom, the past 7 days have been insanely amazing.  It’s not just his little noises that he makes (or big noises when you change him) or his perfect little button nose and pouty mouth or the fact that he can sit for hours just staring into space while swaddled up like a glow-worm.  He has brought a sense of calmness to my life (but not too calm where I don’t still love working – thank goodness!).  He also brought Mike and I even closer as a couple.  Mike is THE most incredible father and I’m so excited to continue this journey with him (and you, of course mom) by my side.

We had a few pictures taken by the talented Ashley this weekend.  Below are some of my favorites.





photo (38)




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October 14, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Julian Michael

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Congratulations to my precious daughter and her wonderful husband on the birth of their son.DSCN2714Proud Mom, Dad and Grandmother
DSCN2721He is already paying close attention to his Grandmother.
DSCN2717Yes, I’m thrilled!

DSCN2718Welcome to the world,Little one!


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October 8, 2013 at 7:34 pm

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Baby D’s Room

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I just remembered that I never posted pictures of Baby D’s room, finished.  Well here you go (not a ton to see – but I really love how it turned out).

photo (18)

photo (19)

This is now Chet’s favorite room.  He told me that he is willing to share it, though.

photo (20)

Pretty much everything in the room is very special . . . each book, each stuffed animal, each little outfit packed in the drawers . . . but here are some of my favorite things right now.

First off, the PINK sweater mom-mom made Baby D because she KNOWS it’s a girl.  She’s made so many of these adorable little sweaters for pretty much every baby I know.  It’s just nice to now have one of my own . . . even though its PINK and I’m 74% sure we’re having a boy (she may know something we don’t!). 🙂

photo (24)

The elephant on this ring was Mike’s when he was a baby.  Ellen (Mike’s mom, of course) drove a female senator around during the Republican National Convention (which was held in St. Louis in 1976) while she was pregnant with Mike.  After the senator found out Mike was born she sent this as a gift.  And in typical, thoughtful, Ellen fashion . . . it was put in a safe place for 37 years so Baby D could play with it.

photo (19

On to these three . . . the alpaca on the left is from Vicki’s mom, Linda, who has a llama and alpaca farm (I’ve featured them many times on the blog).  She was at our “Baby D BBQ” a few weeks ago and gave us this and an AMAZING blanket made out of alpaca fir.  The smiling pig in the middle is from when you were a little girl, mom.  It’s just so cute and happy . . . I love that Aunt Kitty gave it to me.  The bear on the right was given to us by one of Mike’s co-workers.  It’s a mechanical bear that plays peek-a-boo with that blanket.  It’s seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and no one can watch it do its thing without giggling like a little school girl/boy.

photo (23)

Katya gave me this the other day and it may end up being one of the most well-used items in this room.  It’s a little diaper clutch bag.  If anyone really knows me (like she does – which is so sweet) they know that I HATE purses.  I much prefer little ringlet purses and the fact that I may have to carry around a huge diaper bag, and a kid, and a stroller makes me feel a little stressed out.  This can’t be used for long journeys, of course, but I see myself strapping on the kid . . . throwing a diaper in this little clutch along with my keys and cell phone and just walking out the door.  That’s possible, right?

photo (25)

Now of course to my most favorite item in Baby D’s room . . . a quilt that its grandma made for it.

photo (21)

I know it killed you to make such a calm, quiet, understated baby quilt . . . but you did it.  I told you to make this quilt in greens and creams. (Little did I know that you couldn’t find the pattern of this quilt for the life of you and when you finally did you realized that the grey strips were part of the fabric – not individual strips – so you pretty much had to create the whole thing from square one).


It’s perfect because it’s a little me . . . and a little you . . . and soft and big and just kind of feels like home when you hold it. 

Of course Chet feels the same way . . . 🙂

photo (22)


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September 24, 2013 at 9:39 am

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The One Month Countdown Is On

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One month until this little one is due . . .

photo (20)

One month until I won’t have to call it “it” anymore . . . one month until I can kiss its little cheeks . . . and have its little fingers curl around mine.  One month until I see if it really resembles Mike as much as it does in this picture and one month until I see if  we will be buying a lot of pink . . . or a lot of blue.  One month until I get to see Mike hold his new best friend for life in his hands and shed tears of joy (I’m totally predicting the waterworks from him . . . and myself).  And importantly . . . one month until I can have a dirty martini and a sushi roll and sleep on my stomach and not pee every 15 seconds . . . and have everyone look at my eyes first rather than my stomach when they address me .

I never was one that desperately wanted a child . . . and sometimes I feel really guilty that it was so easy for us to expand our family.  Some of our friends have had the hardest times and so much heartache . . . it’s just really unfair.  In the beginning I felt so guilty and was so sick that I tried to ignore it . . . and brush it off. I also had a really tough time coming to terms that my perfect life that Mike and I have worked so hard for was going to be . . . different.  But here we are . . . weeks . . . possibly days away.

I have no clue what type of mother I’ll be.  I don’t know if I’ll be the good cop or the bad cop (my money is on the bad) . . . I don’t know if I’m going to be overbearing or relaxed . . . but I do know that I’m going to try my best and hopefully that will be good enough.

In this last month I am going to try to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes laying on the new hammock I bought for the Jamestown house . . . while watching the sailboats go by (and will be banking that moment for when I need to focus on something peaceful during labor).  I’m going to go see We are the Millers at the movie theater . . . because I know you can’t make it to the movies that often with a little one and I heard its hilarious.  I’m going to get my nails done at least twice (its pretty comical to watch me try to paint my own toenails at this point).  I’m going to finish the nursery . . . pack my bag . . . and make Mike finally agree on 2 boys names and 2 girls names that will be coming with us to the hospital.  I’m going to continue to work out every day because it makes me happy and less stressed.  I’m going to wrap up everything I possibly can at work so that I have less to worry about when I’m working from home.  I’m going to take a few loooonnnnngggg showers (just because I can) and am going to wear all of my maternity clothes at least one more time.  I’m going to enjoy the last few moments when I’m the person in our house that Mike loves the most. 🙂   I’m sure I’ll think of others . . . but that’s my list for now.

Jenna Wolfe wrote a blog post on about her birthing experience . . . she called it “soul-shaking”.  Maybe that’s another reason why its taken me so long to get really excited and fully accepting of this little person joining our life . . . how can you possibly predict your feelings . . . or imagine your life after . . . or prepare for . . . a “soul-shaking” event to happen that you’ve never experienced before?  I guess this month we shall see . . .

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Done and Done

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OMG . . . did you know that pretty much EVERYTHING for Pottery Barn Kids is backordered until October and I’m having a kid (hopefully) in September and haven’t bought a single thing for it?!  Well, after figuring that out last night I went into super shopping mode and finished all the purchasing for the nursery.  What do you think?


Of course we had to build the room around the amazing mural that Kitty did a few weeks ago.  It looks just like (actually, even better than) the Beverly Hills Wallpaper that I love.  We were also given the Kendall Crib from Pottery Barn by my great friend Katie who is moving and has hardly ever used it.  I thought I would get the dresser to go along with it but NOOOO, that’s not available until freaking 2026 (jk, but it feels that way) so we went with the Land of Nod Jenny Lind Dresser (I HATE the spindal thingys on the bottom of it, so please ignore those when you see it for the first time.)  I do like that it was built for a kids room.  The drawers will only open one at a time (to make sure it will never fall over on top of a child).

Last night we went to try out gliders at Room and Board and settled (well, not settled because sitting in it is a DREAM) on the Shay Swivel Chair in Doe.  See how comfy Mike (who “worked” on the golf course yesterday!) looks sitting in it?  I like the modern/cleanness (yep, I know, its CLEARLY documented that I’m an anal clean freak about everything!) of it and how we could probably put it in a different room when we’re finished with it in there.

photo (2)

Of course the fabric color is special order so it probably won’t be delivered to our apartment until 9/27 (OMG! the DAY before I’m due, oh well.)

I’m having panic attacks (already, gosh) about something bad happening to the little one while its in its room so got CORDLESS white linen blackout blinds for the window and door and a ceiling fan from Lamps Plus (because did you know that having a fan in a nursery can lower SIDS by 72%?!?!?)  I finished the room off with The Big Sky Rug from West Elm which will hopefully tie in the grey from the rest of our apartment to the brown in this room.

I know it looks like a grown up room . . . sort of . . . but the one wall will be a long bookshelf (built by Dad) which is where we’ll put our millions of books and little stuffed animals . . . so hopefully that will cheer it up a little (well, and the baby will of course!)  Afterall, I kind of feel like the nursery should just be another room in your house . . . not completely different esthetically . . . especially if you have only 800 square feet of indoor space available!!!!

I’ll share a pic when its all put together!

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August 7, 2013 at 11:03 am

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One Can Dream . . .

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I saw this picture this morning and just melted . . . and then forwarded to Mike.


He then responded with, “Cute pic. Our version might not be so calm and peaceful. I imagine Chet would be frothing, our kid would be half hanging out of the stroller and you would be walking and typing.” 

Gosh . . . he’s so right . . . but I can at least dream for a second that I will be able to have a well-behaved dog sitting in the stroller with my adorable, well-behaved child . . . all while looking like a Victoria Secret model completely taking in my surroundings and not looking at my Blackberry and/or talking on the phone . . . right? 🙂

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July 30, 2013 at 10:12 am