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Summer vacation, part one

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Neil, Sewfee and I headed to NYC for the first part of our vacation. It was Sewfee first trip on an airplane, and the first time Neil and I have been away together in years. Julian and I assembled a lego truck. I was amazed at his ability to located and place those little pieces in the correct place.

We visited Victoria Gardens in Central Park and discovered that Julian doesn’t like whipped cream.We celebrated Dara’s Birthday. She has grown up to be a very special woman and a truly spectacular mother. Sloane and Sewfee developed a very close relationship, especially during mealtime. Sloane LAUNCHES any food she doesn’t like off her high chair. Unfortunately for Sewfee, she doesn’t like vegetables.

Sewfee made herself right at home.We had such a wonderful visit!

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August 12, 2018 at 8:32 pm

Flowers on Friday and Vacation Recap

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Vacation is over.  Neil and I were able to spend the last few weeks of 2013 with family.  Neil endured the rigors of a “Bev visits the North” tour with grace.  He was motivated by this:
IMG_20131230_153405_430 (1)
We flew into Philly, spent a few nights at The Eden Resort.  Christmas dinner at Mom and Dad’s included Cathy and your cousins Andrew, Joel, and Josh.  It was Julian’s first Christmas, Santa left so many presents that everyone helped him open them.  Bentley was his Mennonite self, so he and Chester actually got along well.  “Lil Bro looked content in GMM’s arms.DSCN2938We woke up the day after Christmas  to several inches of snow!  Neil and I spent the next few nights sleeping in twin beds at the “Big House.”  ( A guest room at M & D’s retirement community.) Mom, Dad, Neil and I ventured to Millers for a great lunch and Burkholders for some great fabric shopping.  Cathy picked us up and chauffeured us to Barb’s.  We spent a lovely evening with Barb, George, assorted dogs and kids.  The Lyngarkos house was still beautifully decorated for Christmas. ( If you are counting, this was bed number 3.) We took a train to NYC, another chauffeur, Mike, picked us up at Grand Central Station.  It was wonderful to spend time with Dara, Mike, Julian and Chetty. Thanks to Katya allowing us to enjoy a few nights in her very, very comfortable bed.  As you know we spent a night babysitting Julian while you and Mike celebrated your 4th wedding anniversary.  (Since we stayed at your house, we slept in very comfortable bed number five!)DSCN2945

We said goodbye to the Williamsburg Bridge, the snow, and cold.  I enjoyed every minute of this special vacation.  I was happy to return in time to see my orchid tree bloom, before the polar vortex descended.DSCN2947

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January 10, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Queen Palms -Three Ways (Flowers on Friday)

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 I visited Janice, who was visiting her friend Carolyn at Bonito Springs, Florida. This site greeted us on the deserted beach.  I love living in Florida.  We spent time on the beach, went to Naples for dinner, did some shopping.  Janice and Carolyn are HARD CORE knitters, although both were busy crocheting at night.

(Palm #1)


I stopped at a quilt shop called Quilt Lover’s Hangout in Fort Meyers on my drive home.  Great shop.  I was able to find two pieces of fabric  for which I’ve been searching.

I arrived home right before rain came down in buckets.  Unfortunately, I think there was also some other “weather” involved in the storm.  I discovered this on my garden tour later that evening.  

(Palm #2)


One of our palm trees on the ground, SNAPPED!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve seen the inside of a live palm tree.


This is the stump.  Neil and I think we had a little too much wind for this poor baby.


The tree was in the middle of the two queen palms near the pool. (Weird Florida-ism…there is a huge Philodendron on the front left of this garden island.  The small plant in front of the pool ladder is the same type of plant, bought at the same place, planted at the exact same time.  What a size difference!  The one the right receives 5 minutes more sun per day. Yes, it’s true, location, location, location.)


The third palm is actually many more than one…the above is the beginning of seeds growing on a queen palm tree.  The bees LOVE this stage of development. The squirrels also love the seeds at this stage.  They pull the strands off, and eat the seeds like corn on the cob. (Very frustrating to Eagle and Birdie since the squirrels are hanging out so far out of reach. ) Below the seeds are larger, eventually the size of a round lima bean.

(Palm #3)


This is the first time seeds from one of my palm trees have sprouted.  We usually have the palm trees trimmed and the seed pods removed before they get to this stage.  This summer, the seed pods grew faster than the branches turned brown, so the seeds had the opportunity to fall to the ground and sprout.  Unfortunately, this forest won’t be growing here.  


On a totally different plant topic, Judy and Mike gave me this bromeliad in the spring.  I didn’t expect it to bloom this year, but what a great surprise!

DSCN2660 DSCN2662

Have a good weekend.   (I expect to see progress on Baby Dierks’ bedroom.)

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August 23, 2013 at 8:05 pm

So far behind on blogging…

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In my defense I was out-of-town, my computer was out-of-town, and it’s too hard to write the blog and add pictures on my phone even if it is smart.  My New York trip started with our traditional Mani pedi, then on to a tasty Mediterranean meal with you. I’ve missed you, so it was good to see my Sweetie.

Since it’s Friday, I’ll start with a gorgeous window box from my travels with Janice through NYC IN THE POURING RAIN!


I met Janice at City Quilter(for me), then we visited several yarn shops(for her). This was a knitted display at Lion Brand Yarns.


Cathy and Barb surprised me with a makeover at Bare Minerals.  (Oh my goodness, I have eyebrows!)DSCN2473

These were the very patient consultants who put up with beautified us.  (I will admit, they had gorgeous complexions-so maybe these products work.)

We dined at Peter Luger’s, had a great meal at Patrizcia’s. We went to Smorgasburger, but didn’t buy any food.  We visited Arts and Fleas and Whisk We met Daniel who owns the Brisket Place. (He went to Art school in Philly.  He wants to critique the mural Cathy is painting for my grandchild when it is finished.)  We were snubbed by the people making a JLo video who parked their RV in front of your building.  We had a wonderful Bloody Mary made by Eric at the Rabbit Hole.  (Although Daniel recommended the Bar/Oyster for Bloody Mary’s and Diner for cheeseburger’s.) I slept in your bed, I agree, it is very, very, very comfortable. I had a lovely evening with you and Mike when you returned from your weekend away.  Poor Chester had to be worn out…he had three people to follow around during our visit.  He wasn’t sure who he should sleep with, so he took turns switching between Kitty and me.

I’ll end with more flowers on Friday…from Sprout, another stop on the tour!

DSCN2476 DSCN2477It was a great trip!

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June 21, 2013 at 9:37 pm

Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday and What Chester did on his Winter Vacation

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December 31 and January 1st are good reasons to celebrate in our family, aren’t they?  Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary.  I won’t mention Neil’s age.  He had a delicious lemon meringue birthday pie.  I guess that means I should have New Year’s resolutions since you, Mike and Neil have the other above mentioned occasions covered.

I had a very enjoyable Christmas vacation with my grand-dog Chester.  He is such good company.  DSCN1556I flew into NYC, had a mani-pedi (I still love my red sparkly nails) enjoyed dinner with you and Mike at M Shanghai.  Chet and I dropped you off at the very crowded Newark Airport very, very early in the morning.  We arrived at Janice’s house by 7:30 am, and yes, she was thrilled that I was there so early. Part of my visit included almond CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!!!!  It was delicious.  Chet and I journeyed on to Lancaster to visit Mom and Dad.  Chester was renamed Roadblock, he was always under Dad’s feet, especially in the kitchen.  (Oh, forget that I said that, I promised I wouldn’t tell that Chester spent time in the kitchen.) Chet’s favorite activity at Mom’s:DSCN1548Supervising quilt construction! He napped while Mom and Dad and I bought every piece of fabric at Log Cabin and Burkholder’s quilt shops.  Although Chester enjoyed begging visiting Lancaster, he finally started walking on grass only to have to suffer through THREE snowstorms.  We continued our visit by heading to Kitty’s.  As much as the dog loves me, you would not believe how fast his tail wags when he sees Kitty!  I met Steph at the Sunflower for a delicious breakfast…still as good as ever!  I visited Beryl, but couldn’t stay long because of SNOW, AGAIN!!!!!! DSCN1551Chester has a new favorite game…hide and seek!  On Sunday I headed South for relief from the snow, and Chester is resting up at Kitty’s, waiting  for your return.

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January 1, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Quilt retreat in the woods

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Aunt Kitty, Barb and I are in lovely downtown Hazelton, PA having a sewing retreat.

I spent HOURS cutting out fabric for a quilt only to discover that I HATE making the blocks.  I am persevering…I wanted to make this quilt to practice curved piecing. (This is the quilt.)

We are currently in the middle of a Modern Family marathon.  I am totally enjoying listening to Cathy and Barb laughing at the show.

You don’t have to worry that I would be going through dog withdrawal and would spoil Chester-Bentley and Pippin are giving me plenty of dog love.

We have been enjoying the weather, the porch is great for coffee in the morning and watching the sunset in the evening.


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July 11, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Chester is back in the city

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I’ve had a busy few days taking GOOD care of my grand-dog, Chester.  He learned to toilet (please say that with a European accent of some kind) in the grass after 5 days.  He especially hates walking in dew covered grass in the morning.  He is such a city boy, he absolutely buzzed with energy as soon as we entered Manhattan.

We had a wonderful time in PA.  I went to the Lancaster Quilt Show, there were many quilts that I liked.  It is always inspirational to visit a large quilt show.  I took lots of pictures (with my new camera that I LOVE) but was unable to upload the pictures online to put them on the blog.

The retirement community where Mom mom and Pop pop live had an auction on Saturday morning.  There was a lot of furniture for sale.  There were a few hand quilted quilts that sold for disappointingly low prices.  Two well pieced, hand quilted queen sized quilts went for $250.00.

Kitty, Bentley, Chester, and I went to visit Barb.   Cathy, Barb and I did assorted artsy/crafty things for the open house at Illuminations new office.  Chester had a great time doing his hopping/ running/bouncing thing with Bentley and Pippin.  There were actually very few fights, and I’m happy to report that no teeth were lost during the weekend.

Back at Mom and Dad’s, Chet and I helped them plan a quilt using reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era honoring the Underground Railroad.  They want to donate the quilt top to the place they live, some of the people will hand quilt it, and then sell it at the auction.  I’ll buy it if it will only bring $250.00.

I was occasionally allowed to sit down at Mom and Dad’s.  During those few moments, I finished their taxes.  Dad gave me an A, said I did a great job.

The next dog Chet and I visited was Janice’s dog, Cody.  We tried Caesar’s trick-we took them for a walk first thing. I am pleased to report that again, there were(was) no teeth loss! Janice and I packed the car, and drove to Purl Patchwork in SoHo.  We will never again try to park in NYC…because you can’t.  The store is near the Holland Tunnel.  If you go to the Purl on Friday afternoon, take earplugs.  I could not believe the horn blowing.  Chester was very well-behaved.  I think he enjoys fabric shops, probably because everyone tells him that he is a very cute dog.

Janice and I sat outside to  dine at Mole last night.  We didn’t want to go very far, we had consumed several beet juice/purple carrot/clementine vodka martinis before dinner. (They were DELICIOUS!)

Today we were going to leave to take Chet for a walk when the rental agent brought someone to see the apt.  She asked to show the apt later, she said it was okay to leave Chet here.  So we ventured to Manhattan via subway.  Yes, we did the usual-City Quilter, Macaroon Shop.

(The only reason I’m able to blog to tell you this much of my grand-dog watching vacation is because Janice and Chet are snoring behind me.)

Can’t wait to see you, Sweets. Hope you  had half as much fun on your trip as I had entertaining Chester.

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March 24, 2012 at 5:45 pm